How to Build an Audience on LinkedIn

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You have your LinkedIn profile page and maybe even your company page set up, so now you’re wondering how to get some value out of it. Well, you need an audience before you can start evaluating if it’s really working for you and your business. Follow the steps below to be on your way to growing your number of connections and the number of followers on your company page. If you’re not set up on LinkedIn, skip to the section below labeled: Is LinkedIn really worth it?

5 Steps to Building an Audience on LinkedIn

Step 1: Start connecting with a personalized message. Connect to people you know first (friends, family, former and current colleagues, local business owners, etc.), and then branch out from there to potential prospects. Be sure to ask them in your message to also follow your company page and provide the custom link for them. (Ex.

Step 2: Spend at least 15 minutes a day on LinkedIn once you’re set up—you’ll find out what you’ll be doing in those 15 minutes in the blog post.

Step 3: Create a content schedule, and stick to it! Consistent content is key to building, growing, and maintaining a healthy, interested audience.

Step 4: Get some great content ideas every month. We provide you with ideas, so you’re not always digging for new topics every month. So keep an eye out for those posts. And remember, you could always share links to articles you find interesting.

Step 5: You can use social media publishing tools to make sure you’re posting your content consistently.

Additional possibilities:

Start to measure your social media success once you’re really going and find out if it’s working for you.

Find out if you should consider upgrading your LinkedIn profile now that you’re a pro at it.

Create a good video for your company page—find out how to add it here. Video introduces you and helps people get to know you.


Is LinkedIn really worth it?

Financial Advisor Use of LinkedIn statsCheck out our blog post on: Why social media?

If you’ve come to one of our monthly Marketing Solutions events this year, then you already have our LinkedIn Guide, which will give you the steps to set up your profile and get rolling. If not, call your sales support person or sign up on our website today to get this invaluable guide to LinkedIn.

If social media lingo is one of your barriers to utilizing these tools, check out this blog post that explains some common social media lingo.


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