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Even if you haven’t taken the time to crunch the numbers, you probably know that it costs less to keep your existing clients than to acquire new ones. This is why most business owners are looking for ways to generate additional business from their existing database.

How can you do that?

Connect with them. Learn about them. Discover their challenges and help provide solutions.

To get the ball rolling, you need to learn more about your clients. Start by creating 3-6 profiles that fit your existing client base. Because you work with different types of clients, you’ll want to group them by similar traits, qualities, and motivations. This can help you provide a more personalized experience according to their needs.

In each profile, you’ll list demographic information, identify current challenges, and acknowledge future wants. By participating in this exercise, you’ll get more familiar with your clients and start to think about their current struggles. You’ll also discover potential solutions you can offer to clients. And, ultimately, you’ll be able to provide your clients with the right message at the right time.

Click here to view a sample client profile.

In the sample profile, you learn more about Joe through his traits and characteristics. You can also think about his pain points and connect them with possible solutions.

Start creating your own client profiles. Access a client profile template here.



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