Don’t fear completing a brand audit

June 18, 2013 by

The word audit makes most people grimace. It triggers an underlying fear of punishment. It’s similar to the feeling many teenagers experience when a parent enters their room to discover what really happens behind the sacred door.

It’s the fear that someone will see what you are doing and be disappointed.

But, conducting an audit on your brand can have a positive result. It helps unveil a true picture of your company as your customer sees it.

When is the last time that you sat down and honestly assessed your brand, and thought about how it relates to the customer experience? If you’re overdue, this blog and accompanying worksheet will help you complete a brand audit.

Sometimes the word brand is a catchall to describe the collateral used to promote your company (logos, colors, websites, merchandise) but the scope is wider. In my last blog, Branding and coffee; A supercharged combination, you learned that your brand is really your “promise”.

To know your brand requires an honest assessment. Strengths come to light, and opportunities become goals. And if you have an open mind, your business will grow.

Try this simplified process to help audit your current brand. Look at it from three perspectives:

  • Strategy: What is your company’s ultimate purpose?
  • Recognition: What does your company look like to the naked eye/new customer?
  • Promotion: How will you tell the rest of the world about your brand?

Consider each perspective as a section of a triangle. Individually, the pieces aren’t very strong. Collectively, they make up a cohesive and holistic brand strategy. Together they can withstand internal or external forces of change.

Now grab your laptop, download this worksheet, and conduct a brand audit. Get the basics on paper for now. We’ll get into the details in subsequent blog posts.

Just remember that no matter what you find, you’re not in trouble!


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