Step-by-Step Marketing: Consumer Touchpoints

August 15, 2013 by

More than likely, you spend a great deal of time preparing for client meetings. You research your client’s existing situation. You create proposals to help provide solutions for potential pain points. And you follow up with your clients to make sure they are happy with the solution.

While your client meeting may be the most important interaction you have with your client, it’s not the only one.  In other words, your client will have several interactions with you and your business before they even attend a one-on-one meeting.

As you can see in the diagram below, you interact with your client in several ways.

consumer touchpoints infographic

In my last blog post, I posed the question, “What’s your client’s experience?” But now I’d like to ask, “Do you deliver a consistent client experience?”

Have you put the same time and energy into your other client interactions, also known as touch points, to make sure they are just as deliberate and as well planned as your client meeting?

Take a few minutes and step into your client’s shoes. To get started, download our tips for consistent consumer touchpoints.



Courtney Redfern

Courtney Redfern has worked for Brokers International since March 1999. In her current position, she helps drive outbound marketing, which includes strategy, copywriting, and overall project management. You can pick up a few marketing tips from Courtney through her blog entries on Step-by-Step Marketing. In her free time, Courtney enjoys reading, shopping, and any activity involving her family.

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