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September 5, 2013 by

Kristi Piehl Media Minefield Founder and CEO

By Kristi Piehl
Founder/CEO Media Minefield, Inc.

“When can I be quoted in the Wall Street Journal?”

It’s a pretty typical question that we are asked at Media Minefield.

Before you determine that a framed Wall Street Journal article featuring a quote from you is the next “must have” for your office lobby, ask yourself: Why?

National financial publications certainly carry a significant amount of credibility. When a client walks into the office and sees a framed article with a quote from their financial professional, it is impressive. The majority of financial professionals I talk with are quite good at working with clients who visit their office. But they have a bigger problem getting new prospective clients to actually walk in their front door.

If your goal is to get your message in front of prospective clients, then it is important to spend your time, energy, and money focusing on the media they utilize. If they are like many people in or nearing retirement, then they likely are getting information from local news, and are connecting with friends and relatives on social media. Your message can be targeted to a local audience (by local I mean people who could get in the car and drive to your office) via local news and/or by targeted social media posts.

National news placements can sometimes do more harm than good. I recently heard a story from a financial professional who acquired a new client from a competitor, because the client felt the competitor only communicated to tell him about his next national news appearance. The client had the perception that the financial professional was spending too much time on national television and not enough time managing accounts. This is a problem. However, if you appear on local news talking about issues that are of concern to your target demographic, then you are positioning yourself as someone who cares enough about his or her clients to help them by utilizing media.

Don’t misunderstand. This blog does not discourage seeking national coverage. In fact, we frequently have clients quoted in national publications including Wall Street Journal.  However, if the purpose of engaging media is to attract new local clients, then any national media strategy should be paired with a sound local media strategy.

Think about your own news consumption habits. When you are watching or reading national news, do you think that the person being interviewed lives in your area? Probably not. However, if you see someone quoted in local news, you may be inclined to make an appointment or get more information from a website or social media.

Before you get ready for your close up, consider this: You might get more prospective clients through the doors of your office by meeting them first in their living rooms on the local news.


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