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The social media post ideas series is intended to provide you with inspiration, so you can keep your social profiles (your blog, LinkedIn profile, company LinkedIn page, Facebook page, and Twitter feed) packed with content. You can always check out the previous social media post ideas on the blog.

This month’s focus is on the effectiveness of posts based on the length of the message. Level of engagement, the interactions your audience has with your content (likes, shares, comments, etc.), is typically found to be higher on shorter posts. For example, take a look at the level of engagement compared to post length on Facebook.1

If you think about it, shorter posts make sense because your audience only gives a few seconds to each post as they scroll through their newsfeeds. To make things shorter, you might have to get outside your comfort zone and try some new post techniques.

Ask for engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn: Encourage them to “like” a post for a specific reason.

On Twitter: Ask people to “Retweet.”

For blogs: Include a question at the end to get your audience to interact.

Now to the ideas—remember: Think short!

5 social media post ideas

1. Tips for staying motivated with budgeting: Some people find it difficult to stay on track. Provide a tip like one of the following to help keep your clients motivated:

    • Join a financial support group.
    • Reward yourself with a small indulgence when you meet/exceed your monthly goals.
    • Write out the dreams you’ll accomplish when you achieve larger goals.

2. Retirement dreams: Ask your audience what they dream of doing in their retirement. It’s a fun question, and people enjoy sharing their hopes for the future.

3. How much you could save if…: Everyone has a few budgeting weaknesses. Some people need an expensive cup of coffee every day. Some people need to buy lunch every day instead of bringing it. Help your audience of clients and prospects see the potential gains of skipping one of their pricey habits:

    • Week 1: Keep track of how much you could save by cutting out one of your budgeting weaknesses. You’d save $7 this week if you cut out two days of grabbing a cup of designer coffee. Watch the total add up each week in our coffee savings updates!
    • Week 4: Coffee savings update! If you’ve kept up with our goal to cut out one of your budgeting weaknesses, you could have saved $28 so far by cutting out two cups of designer coffee a week.
    • Week 52: Coffee savings update! You’ve made it a whole year, and you have $364 to show for it!

4. Promote community events: Stay active in your community, and show that you care by sharing events going on in your community. Plus, if you hold a financial event, you’re more likely to get support from the community if you’re already helping to spread the word about others’ events.

5. Gather some data: You might have some quick questions that you’d like to ask your audience to learn more about them. You can try the following example, or come up some that apply most to what you’d like to know:

    • “Like” this post if you don’t have a retirement strategy.


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